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Ht. Hometown/High School
Omari Alleyne full bio Omari Alleyne Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 6'3 Hometown/High School: Staten Island, NY / Rock Hill
Leandro Contreras full bio Leandro Contreras Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 5'11 Hometown/High School: Clifton, NJ / Clifton
Hironori Kanzaki full bio Hironori Kanzaki Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 5'11 Hometown/High School: Tokyo, Japan / Waseda
Jeison Martinez full bio Jeison Martinez Cl.: GS Ht.: 6'0 Hometown/High School: Dover, NJ / Dover
Adam Phumalee full bio Adam Phumalee Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 5'3 Hometown/High School: Jackson Heights, NY / Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Nico Quinones full bio Nico Quinones Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 5'2 Hometown/High School: Bronx, NY / South Bronx H.S.
Angel Ramirez full bio Angel Ramirez Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 5'10 Hometown/High School: Newark, NJ / Eastside
Nickson Rodriguez full bio Nickson Rodriguez Cl.: Freshman Ht.: 5'8 Hometown/High School: Passaic, NJ / Passaic
Sean Smith full bio Sean Smith Cl.: Junior Ht.: 5'6 Hometown/High School: Woodland Park, NJ / Passaic Valley
Majustice Wilson full bio Majustice Wilson Cl.: Sophomore Ht.: 5'11 Hometown/High School: New York, NY / Marta Valle